Words & Stories

by The Fourth and King

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released September 25, 2012

Jarrod Lovell - Vocals / Guitar
Patrick Pfeiffer - Guitar / Vocals
Bart Whitehead - Bass
Andrew Tavis - Drums

All songs written by Jarrod Lovell.

Recorded and mixed by Andrew Tavis at the Mission Street Recording Company, San Francisco CA.

Mastered by Clint Eccleshall of EZRA|studios, Wellington, New Zealand.

All Songs © The Fourth and King, 2012.



all rights reserved


The Fourth and King San Francisco, California

The Fourth and King is an American rock band from San Francisco, California.

The Fourth and King's sound is characterized by powerful vocals and guitar-driven melodies, influenced heavily by bands such as The Gaslight Anthem, Jimmy Eat World, and Brand New. The Fourth and King embraces many elements from pop, punk, rock, alternative, and beyond. ... more

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Track Name: This Sudden Feeling
Wake up, I’ve seen the walls inside
Fall around you yeah you’re giving up
Take down; they say it’s not enough
Into the moment yeah you’re moving on

You said enough
You said it’s all been done, open up
You said it all
I feel you running out
Yeah running out…

This sudden feeling
This sudden feeling
You said enough
You said it all

Rise up, and try to feel alive
Take it over yeah into the night
Breakdown, you’re waiting for that time
Make it everything we need inside
Track Name: On Your Side
Fall asleep and close your eyes
Yeah we’ll all be there in time
Find another way back home
You’ll find there’s something there tonight

I’ll be on your side
After all we’ve been through I’ll say
What is in your heart?
Tell me what is in your soul?
Yeah together we stand
But divided we fall apart

Walk these streets alone at night
Yeah there’s nowhere left to hide
Take another chance to hold
And hope that everything’s alright

Yeah together we stand
But divided we fall apart…
Track Name: Words & Stories
Waking up I wanna sing but I can’t speak, I need to
Take this on till all the secrets open up yeah I can feel it
Making us nothing but enemies we can’t trust, I’ll take this
Holding on as we watch the city fall around us
I’m waiting and …

If you want it it’s always more than you owe
I hear it’s alright this year
There’s nothing but the sun to fall into
Yeah nothing but the sun

Change it up I’ll take another hidden warning, I’ve seen the
Lonely ground from where I sit above in stories, I’ll take it
Fading now like what we see in one another, I need to
Write this down or the words will spill off just like water
I’m waiting and …

Watch as the ocean opens up
And the waves roll over
It takes all of your soul
The things you always wanted
When you feel it slowing down
It’s just another story said and done
Time to lay it on that line
Yeah to where we’re all descending now
Down this road
But only for a moment holding on …
Track Name: It's All or Nothing
If I could do anything I’d try so hard
We’re one in the same you can take any way you want to go
If I knew how hard it would be I’d never find
Take it away it will never replace another night
And you know I’m thinking of…

What if there’s something more you’re dreaming of?
You give everything you’ve got just to feel enough
I want to see all that’s lost you’re giving up
Yeah it’s all or nothing now I’m thinking of…

If I was ever anywhere else but by your side
Do anything say whatever you need just show me how
If I’d seen every moment with you I’d take my time
Say it again like this has never been said it’s over now
And you know I’m thinking of…

You give all that you want to…
You take all that you can…
And you know I’m thinking of…

It’s all I’m thinking of…
It’s all I’m thinking of…
It’s all I’m thinking of…
Track Name: Running in Circles
Get away, turn and never look back down
The sunny side is all you ever learned
All we have was our second time around
With another slowly turning for the worst

Running circles
Yeah running to be heard
When all we have are the memories
Of all we ever shared
Running circles
Yeah some things never change
Running circles
In my head

We said, you can see them walk away
But there’s one voice inside you never heard
It’s too late; we can’t turn this world around
Only some will have the heart to scar the earth

Running circles, Running circles
Running circles
Inside my head …
Track Name: Hold On Tight
Don’t understand, nothing to fear or hide anymore
Yeah it’s over …
I’ll never know whether to play or fold my hand
Yeah there’s only one …

One chance left, one more waiting
Like everything she said
There’s one way back, one road changing
With every single step
Yeah there’s only one …

By my side hold on forever
Hold on forever …
Hold on tight this means nothing without you
Nothing without you …

Not out of sight, not out of mind enough to say
That it’s over …
And to decide if I should pass or roll again
Yeah there’s only one …